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Rocky Mountain Pelvic Health


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Rocky Mountain Pelvic Health

Who We Are

At Rocky Mountain Pelvic Health, our mission is to help you regain healthy movement so that you can get back to doing what you love to do. We do this by:

  • Empowering you with more knowledge about your body and mind

  • Providing the tools and instruction to reduce, mitigate and eliminate pain

  • Assisting you in building resiliency and confidence

  • Inspiring you to take control of your movement even after you’re no longer a patient

We are committed to setting and keeping you, and our community, in motion with a fitness-forward approach — let’s get those pelvises (and their neighboring parts) moving!

What We Do

We are a specialized mobile and concierge physical therapy practice serving Colorado’s Boulder County and surrounding areas. We provide highly skilled, evidence-aligned, and compassionate care for people with pelvic floor dysfunction and related orthopedic issues. 

We are science-forward and refreshingly creative, applying our physical therapy expertise to our philosophy around wholehearted and holistically-minded care. We see pelvic issues as a part of your whole body—not just limited to the muscles of your pelvic floor. 

From pregnancy through postpartum recovery, sexual health/intimacy struggles, persistent pain conditions, bowel/bladder problems, and the natural changes that occur throughout our life spans, our most important goal is to help the whole you.

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What to Expect

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A Safe Space

to tell your story

illustration of pelvis and spine

Comprehensive Assessment

to identify underlying issues

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Action + Treatment

collaborative + customized to your needs

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Ongoing Support

as you progress toward your goals

We work with people who need support with:

  • Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum needs

  • Sexual/intimacy pain & dysfunction

  • Pelvic pain (including tailbone, genital, sacroiliac joint, pubic pain)

  • Urinary issues and incontinence

  • Bowel issues, incontinence, & gut health

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Orthopedic pain (including low back pain, hip pain, mid-back/rib/neck pain)

  • Post-surgery recovery

  • Returning to sport and activity 

  • Post-covid recovery and rehabilitation

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Mobile visits

We travel to you!  

Convenience at your doorstep.

Offering visits at your home, work, or gym.

  • Serving primary areas of Boulder County 

  • Adjacent areas, including Larimer County, Weld County, Estes Park, Denver metro and other regions upon consideration and additional travel fee

  • Scheduling initiated via sending message below

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In-clinic visits

Come see us for treatments

in our cozy clinic space within

Joy Collective in Boulder, CO​

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Not in Boulder County or prefer online?

Visits with a 'click' within Colorado. Conducted via secure conferencing. 

Options For Access



Dr. Gina's approach to PT is compassionate, holistic, and evidence-based. Each session integrates conversation and deep listening paired with skillful treatment and exercises tailored to you AND rooted in best practices.  For even the most sensitive of PT topics, Gina has a way of making you feel safe, comfortable, and at ease so that the important work of healing can happen.

-Sarah SB


Elevate Your Health Today

Request a free 15-minute initial consult with Dr. Yeager
Wondering if PT is right for you?  Or wish to schedule mobile (at home) visits?  
Send us a message here!

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Exciting update!  

Now offering in-clinic visits in our new home

within Joy Collective in Boulder, CO

in addition to home visit and telehealth options!

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